Support for adding dynamic rows


I’ve been looking for a software to perform some building services engineering calculations as an alternative to excel. All of the alternatives seem to be missing the ability to dynamically add a row of data or input.

For instance, it you had a table of inputs, you could then have a button on the bottom to dynamically add or remove rows, which would then be calculated or summed up or added to a variable array.

Would it also be an option to have a name and value on the select element? so that you can get a user to choose an option and have a different value passed to the variable?

Hi @nicholas-brown,

Thanks for using our platform!
We designed our platform as a modern alternative to engineering excel sheets in mind, so it’s great that you’re using it.

For add/remove rows, we have this feature on our roadmap and hopefully will be releasing it soon!
It would be similar to this: App - Stress-Strain of Metals.
In the meantime, you could have multiple rows in the app, and the user can leave rows empty if it is not needed.

For having a name and a value for the select element. I was wondering if you could clarify the need for this? My idea was to keep things simple and just have one value for each select element to avoid any confusion.

Ok that’s great! Do you have a public roadmap available, also will that be included in the self hosted repo?

For the Select element, I was thinking of a having a drop-down of user readable values that referenced other values. Thinking about it, you could just use the variable name and a switch statement in the code section.

Hey! It’s great to be receiving feedback from one of our users. Would you be willing to meet sometime this week/next week to discuss this further as well as talk about any other features/changes you’d like us to add through a video call? If so, please reach out to me at and we can arrange a time. :grinning:

Hi @nicholas-brown, apologies for the late reply.
Our roadmap is only visible to internal personnel right now.
Our self-hosted repo hasn’t been updated in a while, but this is something we can consider adding once it’s implemented.

If you’re able, I’d be happy to join on a call to discuss how you would like to see the dynamic rows implemented as well as how you plan to use the self-hosted repo. Just shoot me a direct message by clicking on my profile.


Thanks for getting back to me, the implementation in the example is exactly what I was thinking.
We’re in the process of discussing what were going to do with our calculations going forwards but it will take some time for this to happen so I’ll get in touch when we make a decision

@nicholas-brown we’re excited to now support dynamic rows with our latest release of MecSimCalc! You can learn more about this feature here: Table Group | MecSimCalc Docs